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StayAt. A place to get together.

Private or public, small or large, low-key or high profile. Whatever your conferencing needs, we offer superb conference opportunities.

Our seminar rooms are bright, functional and furnished according to your requirements. Naturally, every meeting room as well as our collective areas have free wifi. Our friendly staff members are never far away, ready to help when the need arises. If your conference lasts more than one day, we’ll be happy to provide overnight accommodation in our 182 hotel apartments.

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Conference room

Our facilities


offers a large open space for up to 50 people, and three smaller rooms that fit five people each, excellent for smaller think tanks and group discussions.

offers a room for up to 20 people, perfect for a smaller conference or presentation.

offers two meeting rooms that can accommodate 5 people each, as well as an open area for about 40 people, perfect for digital presentations and filmed material.


Deviations may occur.

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