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StayAt on: Jet lag and settling in a new environment

Everyone that travels a lot in business knows that settling into an unfamiliar environment in a different time zone can be a bit of a bumpy ride.It’s not uncommon to get that familiar Lost in Translation-feeling. To make sure you get the best stay possible, StayAt has compiled a small list of things to do when you’re feeling jet lagged:

When the clock at home says dinner, it might not even be time for breakfast where you are now. And if you’re jet lagged and tired, junk food often seems like a better idea than the healthier option. Our hotel apartments offer well-equipped kitchens, so why not try to cook at least one meal a day at home? Also, make sure your new diet isn’t too far off from what you normally would eat. That way you’re more likely to sleep better, and feel more alert during daytime.

No matter how tough the time change might be, downing too many cups of coffee won’t help you. Instead, keep your blood sugar levelled with fruit, nuts and healthy snacks, and don’t forget to drink water.

Avoid eating too fast – or always in front of your computer. Try a little bit of mindfulness and take a few minutes to sit down and relax while having your meals, and you’re guaranteed to feel better.

A little exercise now and then won’t hurt you; you’ll sleep better, stress less, and perform better at work. Go for a quick walk, or try to jog regularly. Ask our staff in the reception, and we’ll help you find your way in the surrounding areas.

Yoga and meditation are great ways to clear your mind, and easy to practice in your apartment. There are plenty of instructional videos on Youtube, give it a try; you might just like it!

Does your StayAt-hotel have a Living Room area? Have a coffee with someone, or socialize with the other residents, meeting like-minded people can be a simple cure if homesickness occurs.