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Kista week 48

Saturday 29/11: Kids afternoon in the lobby from 15.00-17.00. Bring your kids and lets play with some play-doo. Set your imagination free and create a never before seen creature. Lemonade and cinnamon buns will be at the table as well.

Sunday 30/11: Celebrate first of Advent together with us between 12.00-14.00. Taste some traditional Julmust, or why not a cup of mulled wine sprinkled with some raisins and almonds. Either goes well together with ginger bread and saffron buns. We will also listen to some Christmas carol sing-along.

All week: Be on the lookout for our recommendations for the weekend. In the elevators you will find a guide where to find some great Christmas markets.

Lund week 48

Tuesday 25/11: Today we decorate StayAt Lund for Christmas! Come and join us put up the decorations or just check out the wonderful winter wonderland we created when we are done! Enjoy the evening with gingerbread cookies and Swedish julmust for free in the Living room.  We start decorating at 3pm.

Thursday 27/11: It´s Table Tennis Thursday! Apart from table tennis you can also enjoy a game of chess, backgammon, carom and more. See you in the Living room!

Friday 28/11: Have you ever tried Swedish glögg? Well we think you should try some today! We will offer you three different kinds to try out this evening in the Living room. Drinking glögg is a beloved Swedish Christmas tradition and every year there are new flavors available.

Saturday & Sunday 29-30/11: This weekend Christmas arrives to Lund! There will be Christmas markets all over town and you can buy lots of delicious things to eat and drink as well as a variety of homemade and unique Christmas presents.
Don´t miss the traditional Christmas market at Kulturen!

Bromma week 48

Wednesday 26 November: Ready for a play event? Carrom evening in the living room. More information coming soon!:)

Friday 28 November: Cozy friday!!! As every friday, come and join us in the living room. Chips and soda are on the house from 7pm until 9pm.

Saturday 29 november:  We will arrange some activities for children of all ages in our kids play room. More information will follow.


Kista week 47

Wednesday 19th November: From 7pm to 9pm in the Living room you can experience the sweetest taste of Sweden! Come down and taste for yourself what Sweden has to offer, there will also be some games available.

Sunday 23rd November: From 11am to 12am you can come down to the lobby for our Healthy Sunday, we will treat you to some healthy shakes, fruit salad, look through training magazines and get new training exercises on paper.

All week: Put up a picture of your number 1 thing to do on your “Bucket List” on our Facebook page. There is a very nice price for the winner waiting!

Lund week 47

Monday 17/11: Check out our black board in the Living Room to get the “Tip of the week” and see what’s happening in town this week!

Tuesday 18/11: Sport’s night! Sweden vs France, join us in the Living room to watch the game, snacks are on us! The game starts at 9pm.

Thursday 20/11: It’s Table Tennis Thursday! Apart from table tennis you can also enjoy a game of chess, backgammon, carom and more. See you in the Living room!

Friday 21/11: Cozy Friday! Join us in the living room to watch Swedish Idol, cheer for your favorites, eat popcorn and have a classic cozy Friday. One of the swedes most loved and treasured traditions.