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Torsdag 30/4: Glad Valborg! Lund är känt för sitt stora valborgsfirande i Stadsparken. Slå er ner på en picknick under dagen och under kvällen blir det allsång med kör från kl. 20.00. Den stora majbrasan tänds kl. 20.45. Alla är välkomna!

Fredag 1/5: Första maj är en politisk dag i Sverige då partier och deras sympatisörer samlas för möten och demonstrationer på stadens gator. Njut av den lediga fredagen och lyssna på alla idéer för ett bättre samhälle!

Lördag 2/5: Happy Game Day! Kom ner till Living Room och utmana familjen eller vänner i en omgång pingis eller Carrome! Vi har även Memory och andra sällskapsspel för de minsta i familjen. Må bäste man vinna!

Lund week 18

Thursday 30/4: Happy Walpurgis Night! “Valborg” is a festive day where the Swedes celebrate the arrival of spring. Lund is well-known for its great festivities in Stadsparken. Why not have a picnic in the park during the day and later in the evening enjoy nice music from the choir starting at 8 PM? The great bonfire is lit at 8.45 PM. Everyone is welcome!

Friday 1/5: The 1st of May is a political day in Sweden where parties and their followers arrange meetings and demonstrations in the streets of the city. Enjoy your free day and listen to ideas for creating a better society!

Saturday 2/5: Happy Game Day! Come down to Living Room and challenge your family or friends in a game of table tennis or Carromme! We also have Memory and other games for the little ones. May the best man win!

Bromma week 17

Friday 24th of April: Our traditional Cozy Friday at 7PM. Come down to the living room and meet the other guests. Soda and chips are on the house!

Tips of activities: Culture night in Stockholm
On 25th of April Stockholm Culture Night rolls out the purple carpet and culturists throughout the city stand united offering a buffet of art, music and dance to celebrate Stockholm’s cultural diversity. With over 400 events and countless participants, it is one of the most magical nights of the year, free of admission! For more info:

Amusement park Gröna Lund
“Grönan”, an amusement park located on Djurgården in central Stockholm, opens again on Saturday 25th of April! Lots of events and concerts will take place there during summer, and on you’ll find all the information you may need!

Kista week 17

Wednesday 22th of April
We invite our StayAt guests to oil paint together. The painting we will hang in the reception of the hotel. We will have some snacks, soft drinks and refreshments out for you. We will pronounce the winner on Facebook!

Saturday 25th of April
Culture night in Stockholm is important for the city’s cultural life. This is the night when the whole of Stockholm is given the opportunity to take part of the city’s rich culture anddiscover new venues, neighborhoods and cultural expressions.  

Sunday 26th of April
Let´s have some fun together. Bring your kids to the lobby for some games.  We will bring out the fishing game and have some milk and cookies out for you.

Bromma week 16

Friday 17th of April: Our traditional Cozy Friday at 7PM. Come down to the living room and meet other guests. Soda and chips is on the house.

Tips of activities: Walk
In the city like Stockholm, walk is the perfect activity year around. Go out and take a really long walk in some of the parks and enjoy the scene and motion all in one time! And free of charge!

Tips on where to walk: Djurgården, hagaparken, Gärdet, Rosendals trädgård. If you are not really eager to do any walking, try one of the following! Go to spa, adventure bath, eat brunch with couple of friends, or try one of many Cocktail bars, romantic restaurants, night clubs, pubs and soon outdoor cafes as well!