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1. Why choose StayAt?

As a guest at StayAt you will stay in a homy apartment, with a fully equipped kitchenette, a spacious living area with TV, wireless broadband and access to a modern laundry room, sauna and gym. Besides, you always have your workplace, restaurants, cafés and public transportation just a few steps away. Read more about StayAt.

2. How do I book at

On both private guests and corporate clients are welcome to book accommodation in one of our apartments. Choose “short term stay” for accommodation up to 7 nights and “long term stay” if you want to stay longer.

3. Why didn’t I receive my booking confirmation via email?

If you haven’t received a confirmation via email, please check if you have entered the right email address, or if the email automatically ended up in your spam filter. If you haven’t received a confirmation, please contact StayAt on as soon as possible. Please note that it’s important that you provide the correct address in case StayAt need to contact you.

4. How do I fill in my contact info under “Guest Information” on the booking page?

Fill in the boxes and make sure you entered the correct information. It is important if we need to contact you.

5. Where do I find my reservation number?

Your reservation number is found on your booking confirmation.

6. How do I receive my booking confirmation?

Your booking confirmation will be sent to your email address within a few minutes.

7. What if I want to cancel or change my reservation?

Go to and click on “cancellation”. Type in your name and reservation number. Make sure that all fields are filled in correctly. Your reservation details will be shown and you may cancel your reservations by pressing “Cancel you reservation”. Please note that restrictions may apply.

If you want to change the date, apartment or hotel, please cancel your reservation and start over.

8. What are the cancellation policies?

Our cancellation policy varies depending on your reservation, be sure to read the detailed price information when you book your stay. Please note that your booking can only be cancelled free of charge due to the conditions for different durations.

Exceptions apply if another arrangement has been made at the time of booking. You are obliged to replace any exceptional costs that were made regarding your order. Read more about the StayAt booking conditions here.

9. When can I check in at the earliest?

You can at the earliest access to your hotel apartment at 14.00.

10. When is check out time at the latest?

You have to leave your hotel apartment and check out no later than 12.00.

11. What if I only want to use parts of my booked stay, for example check in or departure at another time then I’ve booked?

If you have booked a hotel apartment for a specified period but intend to check out earlier, it can cause price adjustments regarding spent and remaining nights. Please contact your hotel for further information. Read more.

12. What does the StayAt price guarantee mean?

Our price guarantee applies bookings on, and guarantees the cheapest price at time of booking. You’ll always find our best prices on our website.

13. Is breakfast included?

Breakfast is included during short-term stays, unless other information has been given. For long-term stays, breakfast can be bought as an additional supplement. Serving times vary, so please ask in the reception for what applies to your hotel. Read more about StayAt deals.

14. Are cleaning, towels and linen included?

Short-term stays include cleaning after departure, while weekly cleaning is included for long-term stays. Washing up is not included but can be bought as a supplement. Additional cleaning is optional. Read more about the StayAt hotel apartments here.

15. How do I pay for my stay?

You pay by credit card on, or on arrival depending on the booking conditions. If you have a cooperation agreement with StayAt you can pay by invoice. Read more about StayAt cooperation deals here.

16. Is it safe to hand out my credit card number on your website?

Safety is one of our main priorities at StayAt, we use SSL encryption (HTTPS) for payments on our website, to make sure no unauthorized person can see your card number and personal information.

17. Why am I having trouble paying with my credit card?

Verify that all data and make sure the specified card type, expiration date and CVC, is correct.

18. Do I have to type in my card number?

Yes, the card number serves as a guarantee for your reservation.

19. When will my credit card be charged?

We will debit your card by the time of booking, or on arrival depending on the booking conditions.

20. Are there any other fees?

No, but we reserve the right to charge you for unpaid telephone bills, unusual ware or damage caused to the apartment or indoor smoking. Read more about StayAt conditions.

21. Can I storage my luggage at the hotel after check out?

You can leave your luggage in our storage room, but StayAt does not take responsibility for submitted goods. StayAt have no obligation to storage property of high value and has no strict liability for the property kept in the apartment during stay.

22. How do I contact StayAt?

Contact the StayAt hotels via email or call the telephone number you’ll find on the page for your specific hotel.

23. Where do I find directions to the hotels, by car and public transportation?

You’ll find directions on, under each hotel and “contact us”.

24. Up to what age is the StayAt children discount valid?

StayAt discount applies for children up to 12 years.

25. Can I park my car at StayAt?

Our hotels have parking spaces in the area; please contact your hotel for information on fees and availability. Read more about parking your car at StayAt.

26. Does StayAt offer handicap-adjusted hotel apartments?

Unfortunately, StayAt does not offer handicap-adjusted apartments.

27. Are there any restaurants at the StayAt hotels?

No, but all the hotels are located in areas with walking distance to several restaurants and cafes.

28. Are there saunas and gym at StayAt?

Every StayAt hotel has a sauna and gym.  Read more about the StayAt hotels.

29. Does StayAt offer allergy-free hotel apartments?

Unfortunately, StayAt does not offer allergy-free hotel apartments. Read more about the StayAt hotels.

30. Is smoking allowed at StayAt?

No, we have a non-smoking policy. A sanitation cost will be charged by the event of smoking in the hotel apartment. Read more about the StayAt hotels.

31. Is it possible to bring my pet to StayAt?

If you want to bring your pet you must notify the hotel in advance. A sanitation fee will also apply. Read more about the StayAt hotels.

32. Can I put myself on a waiting list is the hotel I wish to stay at is fully booked?

Yes. Please contact your hotel for assistance.

33. What if I want to book a conference or a group stay?

Contact your hotel or email for inquiries about groups and conferences.

34. What types of apartments are being offered at StayAt?

At StayAt, you’ll find studio apartments for a one person, studio Twin or Queen for two persons, and One Bedroom apartments for 2 to 4 persons. Our apartment types vary from hotel to hotel. The availability at each hotel is shown during price inquiries; under each price you’ll find a short explanation of what distinguishes the apartment. Read more about our apartments here Read more about the StayAt hotel apartments here.

35. Why does StayAt prices vary from day to day?

StayAt have flexible prices reliant on supply and demand. Prices may also vary due to different conditions attached to the reservation.

36. It says ”fully booked” on your website, but I find vacant StayAt apartments on another booking page. Why?

If some booking sites or travel agents have purchased a certain number of hotel apartments from us they might still be vacant even when StayAt is fully booked.